Arena responde aos pedidos de substituição de carbono-Pro PowerSkin

10-05-2013 23:35

Arena is responding to numerous consumer queries and requests following its announcement to replace three models of the first-generation POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro swimsuit range with the new Mark 2 version.
The company has expressed profound apologies to all consumers for the inconvenience caused by arena's decision to waive approval codes on the old model Carbon-Pro. It added further that it is doing everything in its power to rectify the situation as quickly as possible, and to minimize the impact of the switchover.

In a number of countries – among them USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Ireland and Austria, National swimming Federations have decided on or are considering a special dispensation allowing the first-generation POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro suits to be worn in national competitions during the transition period. The company has expressed its gratitude to those federations that have done so.

In acknowledging the inconvenience caused and considering all consumer responses and suggestions, arena has also decided to upgrade the list of remedial offers to those in possession of one of the suits concerned. All consumers owning a POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro suit carrying the old approval codes will have the option to get their suits replaced with an equivalent Mark 2, even if they don’t have any proof of purchase.

“It was easy for us to make the right decision in the interest of the sport,” said Giuseppe Musciacchio, head of arena Brand Development. “We clearly see that anticipating all the consequences of our decision, in the very short time we had, is somehow more complex so we are ready to adapt our actions as we go. We live in a world where communication between brands and their consumers has become faster and more direct. We can hear what our consumers are asking us to do and we have to listen to them. In the end, they are the real owners of the brand.”

As the company embarks on the significant task of replacing the three models concerned, it has appealed for patience as it works through the process. While every effort will be made to expedite the replacement, arena anticipates that it may take some time for some consumers to receive their Mark 2 product. In the interim, the firm is exploring avenues to assist those who have urgent needs for FINA-compliant suits. One such option will be to offer athletes other racing suits from the POWERSKIN range.

The company concludes by saying that it will publicize other remedial actions by May 13.